NCTO Makes "Herstory"

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) recently announced that Kim Glas will be their new President and CEO.  This is a fantastic choice!  I’ve known Kim for many years and she has the intelligence, experience and political savvy needed to guide the industry though challenging times.  I worked closely with her during my three years as NCTO Chairman, most notably on our TPP negotiations with Commerce and USTR.  I found her to be thoughtful, reasonable and purposeful. 

Marty Moran, NCTO Chairman noted, “Her multi-faceted career includes spearheading manufacturing and trade policy efforts on Capitol Hill, serving as a key leader on behalf of the textile industry in the Obama Administration, and most recently leading a non-profit organization working to advance critical policies to grow quality, U.S. jobs in the clean energy economy.”

“We are fortunate, at this time of change and challenge to have Kim take the helm of this organization.  The U. S. textile industry is experiencing an exciting and dynamic period.  A new policy environment has evolved in Washington that places a greater emphasis on domestic manufacturing and Kim is an excellent choice to steer the industry through these new opportunities,” Moran added.  “NCTO has worked very closely with Kim over the years on Capitol Hill and in the Obama Administration.  Kim brings a strong combination of leadership skills, policy and advocacy know-how, and industry knowledge and has extensive experience working on manufacturing, trade, competitiveness, and sustainability issues.  We are thrilled she is taking on this important role at this time.”

Marty has it exactly right and NCTO nailed it. 

Sustainability is the growing thread (pun intended) in textiles and apparel.  The textile industry will be key players in this trend and her experience with the Blue Green Alliance will be invaluable.  Trade policy has been fluid and unpredictable in the Trump administration.  Kim has the experience and the Hill contacts to navigate the morass and identify opportunities for the industry.  Membership recruitment and retention will always be a key issue for NCTO.  Providing valuable leadership and guidance to members is essential to keep growing the organization.   This is especially true when you consider the significant investment made by importer and retailer lobbying organizations whose interests frequently conflict with NCTO.  Kim has the presence and people skills to have a positive impact here.  During my term as Chairman of NCTO, I constantly heard grumblings about the conservative white male makeup of the industry leadership.  Hiring Kim breaks that paradigm and shows the industry to be more progressive and forward thinking than it has been given credit for.

All in all, a wonderful and inspired choice!